Retiree Spotlight:  Barb Wolf-Cotes

We want to take a moment and honor Barb Wolf-Cotes on her retirement. She has been a valuable member of the Sterling Public School's family and she will be missed! Below is a message from Barb!

"I started my career with SPS 35 years ago. I was fresh out of college, needed a job, and at the time not many teaching jobs were available.  I landed my foot in the door at SPS by coaching and subbing.  I spent my first year coaching v-ball, b-ball, and softball at SPS and subbing throughout the area.  The following year I was hired on as a teacher.  I have been in many different positions, taught in several schools, and worked under many (too many to count) administrators. Overall, I taught PE for 6 years at CMS, ½ year as a permanent sub, 2 ½ years in the study skills program at CMS,  2 years teaching PE at Lincoln, 18 years teaching 7th Grade Social Studies, and 5 years teaching 6th grade Current Events. I will cherish the memories I have made with my colleagues, students, and athletes.  I was especially blessed to be a part of the back-to-back State Volleyball Championships. As for retirement, I plan to do some traveling with my husband, see some college v-ball games, spend time at my pool, and take some rides on our trike."