Retiree Spotlight: Tracey Deyo

We want to take a moment and honor Tracey Deyo on her retirement. She has been a valuable member of the Sterling Public School's family and she will be missed! Below is a message from Tracey!

"I was born and raised in Sterling IL. I am a product of Sterling Schools and chose my career based on my admiration for great teachers I encountered at Jefferson Grade School. I graduated from Illinois State University in December of 1983 and started a long-term sub position for the following semester at Wallace School and have been teaching in this district ever since! A few  interesting facts about my time with SPS:  I have taught all grade levels K-8 besides kindergarten and 3rd grade and have also been at all the buildings besides Franklin and the high school. I have also taught under seven different superintendents, double the amount of administrators and a million students! It goes without saying, I have encountered many ups and downs, yet I would like to end by saying, I wouldn’t change one thing! Thanks for the ride, it’s been fun!"