Veronica Sanders

We want to take a moment and honor Veronica Sanders on her retirement. She has been a valuable member of the Sterling Public School's family and she will be missed! Below is a message from Veronica!

"I started with Sterling Public Schools in 1994 when our children, JD and Tracey, attended Franklin. I was assigned to SHS the following year before transferring to Jefferson where I worked until retiring May 2022.   At Jefferson I held several titles with different responsibilities ranging from overseeing the computer lab, to being the school librarian, to being assigned as a classroom aide. I have loved all my positions with SPS. My husband Steve tells me I have positively impacted many lives that I am unaware of.  I hope he is right. Even though I don’t have a favorite memory with SPS, what can be better than being surrounded by pure, innocent little lives wanting to learn; coupled with the perks of having weekends off, mid-school breaks and having summers off to re-charge your batteries to do it all over again with a new group of bright-eyed knowledge thirsty little people? My husband told our kids when they began their careers, “You are there to do a job, not to make friends. If you happen to make friends with who you work with, who you work for, or who ultimately works for you, just consider it a bonus.”  I leave Jefferson School and SPS with many many bonuses.  I won't name those cherished friends, as they all know who they are.  As much as I will miss the young new faces this coming school year, along with the tried-and-true familiar faces of my co-workers, I very much look forward to the future. We have 2 boats and too many cars so I expect we will be visiting gas pumps at marinas and gas stations quite often.  We have decided to start traveling in October but our destinations are yet unknown.  May health and happiness find you all."  Love,  Veronica