AR Club

Students at Washington School are encouraged to read books of their choice throughout the day -- we believe readers are leaders! When students finish a book or novel, they have the option to take an Accelerated Reader (AR) Quiz over the text; if they are able to successfully pass this quiz, they earn points. Each month, we recognize our students who have made it into the AR Point Club. Students receive a certificate, a book of their choice, a treat certificate, a chance to eat lunch with a friend and the principal, and even a shirt, depending on the number of points they accumulate. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful librarian (Mrs. Schueler) and amazing reading teachers who promote a love to reading and learning in our students.

In September, we recognized Milo Reynolds for reaching the 100 point club, Kaleb Peterson for reaching the 50 point club, and Max Macklin and Eleanor Tuft for reaching the 25 point club!