Mrs. Milnes is Retiring!

We want to take a moment and honor Mrs. Penny Milnes on her retirement. She has been a valuable member of the Sterling Public School's family and she will be missed! Below are a message from Mrs. Milnes and one of her favorite memories from teaching! 

"My 24 years of teaching, 22 of them at CMS, have left me with priceless memories. Teaching middle school contestants has allowed me to use humor and strategies in order to reach each student. My students have given me wonderful situations that will make me smile for years to come. CMS staff and students have become like my second family, and they will be greatly missed. 

Mrs. Milnes shared one of her favorite stories. 
"I normally do not allow contestants to leave my room.  One day, a student asked if he could go to his locker and get his essay. Considering he did not have a reputation for being MIA, I told him he could, and he had three minutes. Three minutes go by, then 5 minutes, then we are approaching 10 minutes and I am making my way back to the phone to put in a BOLO and in walks the student.  I asked, "What did you have to give the abductors to let you go?" The student replied, "My essay!"